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US-3365533-A: Continuous electrodes patent, US-3372279-A: Ultraviolet sensitive geiger-mueller type radiation detector patent, US-3406462-A: Process and apparatus for drying and shrinking textile materials patent, US-3437326-A: Metal melting and refining furnace patent, US-3438094-A: High speed drafting process patent, US-3465802-A: Frankfurter slitter patent, US-3469558-A: Marine propulsion unit patent, US-3475955-A: Counting apparatus patent, US-3485544-A: Hidden storage shelf patent, US-3488620-A: Bus strip patent, US-3497413-A: Apparatus for making a tubular body of fibrous glass patent, US-3548196-A: Method and apparatus for automatically centering fabric workpieces regardless of their size within the operating range patent, US-2007289378-A1: Apparatus, method and program for evaluating work characteristic patent, US-3580155-A: Driving arrangement for single blade shutter for photographic apparatus patent, US-3592067-A: Device for converting between linear and circular movement patent, US-3611370-A: Dual-mode radar system patent, US-3614534-A: Ground-fault-responsive electrical protective systems patent, US-3643618-A: Amphibious vehicle with auxiliary floating elements patent, US-3684799-A: Androsteno-2{40 ,5{40 -dimethyl-5{40 -alkyl-1{40 -pyrrolines, methods for their manufacture, and novel 16{60 (1{40 -amino-1{40 -alkylethyl)-pregnene intermediates produced thereby patent, US-3687031-A: Miniature camera patent, US-3727720-A: Movable apparatus for use in picking fruit patent, US-3756313-A: Thermal radiation system for soil stabilizer patent, US-3771276-A: Multiple-glazed breather windows patent, US-3794128-A: Subterranean penetrator steering system utilizing fixed and rotatable fins patent, US-3795298-A: Wire matrix print head particularly for high speed printers patent, US-3800025-A: Recovery of tungsten from low grade tungsten ores patent, US-3807495-A: Heat exchange apparatus patent, US-3808853-A: Adjustable key for cylinder locks patent, US-3810474-A: Tubing patent, US-3850626-A: Imaging member and method patent, US-2444008-A: Shielded tubing or bellows patent, US-2447167-A: Reverse brake patent, US-2455320-A: Automatic condensation control apparatus patent, US-2499827-A: Welding electrode for cast iron patent, US-2517230-A: Multistrand electrical conductor patent, US-2546255-A: Frequency multiplier patent, US-2550598-A: List finder patent, US-2559555-A: Writing instrument patent, US-2567099-A: Spraying device patent, US-2604904-A: Rotary valve patent, US-2608621-A: Magnetic record detector patent, US-2623916-A: Electrical measuring system patent, US-2630253-A: Garment hanger patent, US-2631766-A: Jack storage structure patent, US-2663880-A: Collapsible back rest patent, US-2668193-A: Automatic switching of television receivers patent, US-2671574-A: Releasable sealing closure patent, US-2701692-A: Tape roll holder patent, US-2722237-A: Plastic pipe with attached tensile load-bearing member patent, US-2736862-A: Article testing apparatus patent, US-2760471-A: Internal combustion engine and method of operation patent, US-2767775-A: Collapsible sofa patent, US-2807990-A: Flash synchronizing for stereocamera patent, US-2869515-A: Fluid metering device patent, US-2937520-A: Liquid leak transmitting device patent, US-2943656-A: Pulpwood-debarking drum having angularly slotted wall and stationary shearing bars patent, US-2958268-A: Road working machine with tamping shoe stabilizing means patent, US-2960016-A: Photographic shutter patent, US-2998276-A: Refuse can cover securing device patent, US-3008339-A: Transmission patent, US-3030657-A: Device for granulation patent, US-3039192-A: Shears patent, US-3048253-A: Intermittent strip feeding mechanism patent, US-3058154-A: Apparatus and method for making breast fronts patent, US-3067453-A: Torsionally balanced hatchway door constructions patent, US-3083566-A: Testing machines patent, US-3173384-A: Baking oven patent, US-3192386-A: Pulse transmission over a long cable in the presence of a low frequency power patent, US-3222803-A: Ballast removing apparatus patent, US-3235309-A: Chair patent, US-3241829-A: Device for folding sheets or foils of paper or the like patent, US-3259462-A: Automatic analyzing device and method patent, US-3267908-A: Steam generator with flue gas return patent, US-3288963-A: Miniature snap-action switch patent, US-3290826-A: Channel section window guides patent, US-3292615-A: Device for agitating, swirling and aerating the water in a vessel, such as a bath tub or the like patent, US-3295806-A: Two part clip for attaching a cylindrical member to a support patent, US-3334262-A: High frequency velocity modulation electron discharge devices having replaceable beam forming and projecting assemblies patent, US-3344854-A: Anticlog device for engine radiators patent, US-3356825-A: Electrically heated bedcover and protective circuit patent, US-3366026-A: Lining upholstery for a vehicle patent, US-3366049-A: Cylinder support and moving means for a rotary printing mechanism patent, US-3383581-A: Power supply having synchronous periodic output voltage patent, US-3421200-A: Method of forming metal articles patent, US-3446377-A: Loading device patent, US-3476220-A: Hydraulic disc brake apparatus and multiple operators therefor patent, US-3480592-A: Elastomeric polyurethanes patent, US-3492001-A: Magnetically indexed spinner patent, US-3501480-A: Polycyclic isoquinolyl oxadiazoles and amidoxime esters patent, US-3516477-A: Core making machine patent, US-3546951-A: Transmission patent, US-3574940-A: Lockpin for orthodontic bracket patent, US-3602231-A: Means for audible detection of the activation of a filter for smoking devices patent, US-3613584-A: Gun cartridge patent, US-3670093-A: Electric cryoconnection patent, US-3719060-A: Highly elastic annular coupler element patent, US-3727516-A: Cushioned valve plunger patent, US-3755016-A: Diffusion process for compound semiconductors patent, US-3759571-A: Seat construction patent, US-3791286-A: Method for compacting fibrous material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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