Salute and method of making same



1930- A. CIMOROSJ ,783,999 SALUTE AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME Filed Jan. 18, 1929 WITNESSES JNVENTOR (S a m 22: 23., /0 01612140 Ctmorasz ATTORNEY.- & i BY 6,41%; W I Patented Dec. 9, 1930 A1 ALBERTO CIIVIOROSI, 0F ELKTON, MARYLAND SALUTE AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME Application filed January 18, 1929. Serial No. 333,297. The usual method of making salutes is to mix a quantity of the explosive ingredients in the required proportions, charge the containers with the required quantity of the mixture, insert a fuse and seal the container. As the separate ingredients of the explosive charge are not explosive, mixing them as the first ste 3 in the manufacture involves a considerable amount of direct handling of the explosive mixture. Further the salute as heretofore made, is merely a noise-making device. Objects of my invention are, first, to provide an improved method of making salutes; Second, to provide a method of making salutes which obviates the necessity of directly handling the explosive m1xture; Third, to provide an improved salute; Fourth, to provide a salute which, as 1t explodes, will produce a display of colored light, and Fifth, to provide a salute which will be superior in its detonation qualities to known salutes. In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a salute made in accordance with my invention, Figure 2 a central vertical section of the salute, and Figure 3 a like section showing a mod1- tied form of container. The construction of one form of the salute is clearly illustrated in Figures 1 and 2. This salute as shown is globular in shape, comprising a container in the nature ofa capsule or cup 3, whrch may be of thin pasteboard and which 1s closed by the cap 4 of the same material. 5 indicates an explosive mixture confined within the capsule and which comprises a number of ingreclients each of which may be non-explosive except in the mixture. Many well known, substances are available for this purpose, among which are perchlorate of potash, powdered aluminum and sulphate of antimony; neither of which is explosive by itself but which, when mixed together, form an explosive mixture. It will be understood that other explosive materials may be used in the salute, but for convenience of manufacture a mixture of the above character has certain advantages which will later appear. *Within the capsule may be placed coloring matter, which may be in any suitable form but for certain purposes I prefer that it should be in the form of a tablet or tablets one of which is designated in Figure 2, by the numeral 6. These tablets may be composed of substances which either reflect the light of the explosion or which will burn with the light desired. The color will depend on the chemicals used. The specific chemical or chemicals used depends on the effect to be produced and may be varied to suit the taste. Numerous well known substances are on the marketand need not be set forth here in detail. lVhile I prefer that the coloring matter should be in the form of tablets for certain purposes, it may be in the form of granules, powder or any other suitable form according to the substances used and depending on the speed of burning thereof and other considerations that may arise. The visible elfect of the explosion of a mixture of the above character will depend among other things upon the chemical used, and upon the form thereof; that is whether granular, powder, or tablets and in the latter case whether one or a plurality of such tab lets are employed. The use of a single tablet of burning chemicals will produce a column or streak of colored fire, a granular colored material would tend to produce a flash at the point of discharge and other effects may be produced by varying the physical properties of the color ing substances and by varying the nature of the compounds comprising thesame. V , The capsule or cup with the explosive and coloring matter enclosed therein is enclosed in a coating of comminuted material, such as wood flour or finely divided sawdust, confetti, a mixture thereof, or any other suitable material held together by a binder of adhe sive as glue and the like. This coating may be applied so as to produce a globularshape as represented inFigure 1 and designated by the numeral 1. i The effect of this construction is to confine the gases formed by the combustion of the materials within the capsule until a sufficient pressure has been developed to Violent-- ly disrupt the walls with a consequent violence of detonation. The final shape of the form of the salute as shown in Figures 1 and 2 is important not only from the point of superiority of construction but also on account of the facility with which it may be manufactured. The manufacture ofthis form of the salute is as follows: The explosive, as stated above, maycousist of perchlorate of potash, powdered aluminum and sulphate of antimony, neither of which is explosive by itself. Instead of inixingthese ingredients the initial step in the manu facture and then charging the containers with the eiqplosive mixture, 1 place the in gredients in the cups orcapsule, preferably in layers. The cups being preferably of a size sufficient to hold a complete charge of the explosive and leave sufficient unfilled space to permit the several ingredients to mingle freely when agitated. A .tablet of coloring matter is inserted and the cap placed 'Ofw ei' the cup; the'diameteiwof the cap beingsuch as to grip the wallof the cup with sufficient friction to hold it against removal except by a direct and intentional pull. v he loaded containers are then placed in a tumbling de vice, which may be of the rotary type in which is carried a liquid adhesive. The containers are then tumbled until they have acquired a coating of adhesive. Finely commi nuted material, as a quantity of confetti, sawdust, a mixture thereof, or other suitable material is then placed in the tumbler and the cups or capsules again tumbled u til they have acqui ed a substantial coating-cf comminuted material and preferably until they have acquired a substantially globular shape which will result from a continued tumbling thereof. The ball-like struc s are then dried, and may be drilled to receive a fuse, the fuse being inserted and the salute i s complete. In gure 3 I have shown the container as constructed of an ended tube 9 adapted .to be closed attop and bottom by disks 10 which are held in place by crimping .the ends of the tubes inward to form flanges 11. Qne end of the tube is crimped and a disk inserted to serve as the bottom of the container, the container charged before, a tablet-of .col-oring matter inserted, the other disk inserted, the end of the tube crimped thereover, and. the container tumbled to mix the explosive ingredients. WVhen the salute is exploded, the flash is accompanied by a pillar or column of ill'uminated colored smoke, or by any other appearance according to the condition of the coloring matter in the capsule as outlined above, whereby the salute appeals to the eye as Well as to the ear. The salute may be manufactured with or without the coloring matter and may otherwise be modified Within the scope of the appended claims. I do not therefore w? sh to be limited in the ingredients; closing the container; tumbling the container in an adhesive and a com-- minuted substance toform a coherent coat c ng enclosing; the container, drying the object thus produced andfinserting a fuse. I 2; A salute consisting of a closed container" carrying acharge of e'xplosivernaterial and a charge of coloring matter 'within the explosive charge, and provided w th a fuse. In testimony whereof I have signed my ALBERTO CIMQROSL name to this specification.



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