Reenforcing structure for blast-furnace casings

  • Inventors: STERN PAUL
  • Assignees: Stern Paul
  • Publication Date: February 17, 1931
  • Publication Number: US-1792614-A



P. STERN Feb. 17, 1931. REENFORCING STRUCTURE FOR BLAST FURNACE CASING 2 Shets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 9, 1929 INVENTOR PAUL STERN by his aiiarrzeysr P. STERN Feb. 17, 1931. REENFORCING STRUCTURE FOR BLAST FURNACE CASINGS Filed Jan.' 9, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR PAU L STE R N b y izzs aiiorzzeys Patented Feb. 17, 1 931 PAUL srnaiv, on HUCKING-EN-ON-THE-RHINE, GERMANY REENFO RCING'S'IRUCTURE FOR BLAST-FURNACE CASINGS Application filed January 9, 1929, Serial No. 331,256, and in Germany Qctober'10, 1927. This invention relates to v reenforcing structures for blast furnace caslngs. With the casings of blast furnaces, particularly smelting furnaces, outward bulges. oc- 6 our on more or less large surfaces, the avoidance of which is greatly tobe desired. It has hitherto been difficult to repair portions of the casing because the safety ofthe' casing is jeopardized thereby. In the forms hither- 1 to used, not only the specific weight of the smelting furnace casing lyingthereover but also the load of the furnace mouth cover, the scafiolding and the cooling chamber exerted a disadvantageous efiect. I These disadvantages are overcome according to the invention by a special form of reenfor ced structure for the casing. 'Up to the present, upright supports have been known which are intended to contribute to an increase in the vertical reenforcing of the casing. They are employed simultaneously as ties for the flat iron ring members horizontally surrounding the casing. This arrangement has however, not been found satisfactory as a vertical support'and a consequent increase in the stability of the furnace columns has not been attained. Moreover, the weak construction, consequent upon this arrangement, does not allow of any relief to 3 the auxiliary arrangements. 7 According to this invention, instead of the fiat iron ring members, closed ring-shaped plate or grid structures are arrangedaround strong vertical supports and a portion thereof is so shaped that they can be employed as scaffolding. These structures take any ad ditional loads and transmit them to the vertical supports. In this manner a complete sta- Figures 3 and4 are sections respectively on the lines CD Figure 2 and EF, Figure 3. Around the furnace casing d are placed vertical supports a and around these are ar- 7 shaped members 0 are suitably made as plate or framework carriers which can be at the same time used as scaffolding for working on the furnace casing and also for supporting the cool' water channels. V The upper ring-shaped member can also be used as a carrier for the furnace mouth covers.' The supports a are connected at equal distances to the said ring-shaped structure members Z2 and 0. I claim In a stack furnace, the combination of a conical casing, supporting means for said casing, said means comprising a plurality of unitary disconnected substantially vertical supports spaced around the periphery of the casing and extending throughout the vertical extent thereof, a plurality of bands surrounding said vertical members and a plurality of horizontal unitary rin -shaped members surrounding said vertical supports and adapted to coact as framework carriers and scaffolding, said rings and bands pressing the vertical supports against said casing. In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification. PAUL STERN. bility of the blast furnace is attained. Def V 0 ormations inthe furnace casings are, moreover, ing it. v In order that the invention may be fully understood, I will now describe it by' refer- 'ence to the accompanying drawing, in which V Figure 1 is an elevation of apparatus constructed in accordance with the invention. Fi ure 2 is a horizontal section. on the line A Figure 1. prevented by a metal cover surround-



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