Projection surface particularly for use in connection with advertisements



March 24, 1931. R GEYUNG ETAL 1,798,078 PROJECTION SURFACE PARTICULARLY FOR USE IN CONNECTION WITH ADVERTISEMENTS Filed Aug. 1, 1928 Patented Mar. 24, 1931 REMIGIUS GEYLING AND PAUL PLANER, O F VIENNA, AUSTRIA PROJECTION SURFACE PARTICULARLY FOR. USE IN CONNECTION ADVERTISEMENTS WITH Application filed August 1, 1928, SerialNo. 296,854, and in Austria Augult 12, 1927. This invention. relates to projection surfaces of very large dimensions whichare erected in the open and adapted for the proj ection of advertisementsand the like. Such 5 large surfaces are directly exposed to the wind-pressure and must be provided with structures, screens or screening surfaces for obstructing undesired light. According to the present invention, the m essential feature of the projection surface resides in the fact that the small individual freely swinging and reflecting plates which form the projection surface are each combined with a screen or a screening surface, which participates in the swinging movement of thesm'all plate. . One mode of carrying out the present invention is illustrated by way of example on the accompanying sheet of drawings in which Fig. 1 shows a projection surface of very large size and the projection apparatus arranged on a road. Figs. 2 and 3 are detail views in perspective and diagrammatic side elevation respectively. A frame l of iron, reinforced concrete or the like is arranged across a road and takes up the entire width of the same, the said frame being at such a height from the level of the road, that it does not obstruct the traflic. A network consisting of horizontal and vertical wires 2 and 3 (Figs. 2 and 3) is stretched across the frame 1. Small plates 4 of white enameled sheet-iron, aluminium plates or. of any other suitable material are suspended freely movable from the vertical 7 wires 3 within the meshes thus formed. At the bottom and lateral sides of the small plates is provided a small clearance, so thatthe strange light from the in known manner. projection surface The projection apparatus can be arranged, in towers 6, which also may be used as advertising pillars. Owing to the dividing of the surface into individual swinging plates the wind is deprived of the greatest part of the attacking surface, so that the frame 1 or the entire supporting structure can be of av considerably weaker construction than it is possible in the case of solid surfaces. The vertical intermediate spaces between the plates are not enlarged during the swinging motion, this taking place only in the event of the horizontal intermediate spaces, and therefore in case of a stronger wind-pressure only a horizontal lining will be visible on the projected image, the said lining becomin finer if the height of the plates is reduce Therefore the distance between the vertical wires can be of such a large size, as will be allowed by the rigidity of the construction. Thus according to the present invention the width of the plates exceeds the height of the-same. e claim 1. A projection surface including a characterized in that each of said plates is bent to provide the screening surface, the latter being normally disposed in a substantially horizontal position. In testimony whereof we have aflixed our signatures. REMIGIUS GEYLING. PAUL PLANER. lol



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