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y 1931- J. E. DRUCKENMILLER 1,815,291 BATHROOM EQUIPMENT Filed March 51 195 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 n W 2 J 14 l 5 JizUenZor- 2 v a EJEflhE'IGflI'ILOIi'eIWZiZZFI; tggag fllivr'rwy July 21, 1931. J. E. DRUCKENMILLER BATHROOM EQUIPMENT Filed March 31 1950 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented July 21, 1931 JOSEPH ERLE DRUCKENMILLER, OF EDGE HILL, PENNSYLVANIA BATHROOM EQUIPMENT Application filed March 31, 1930. Serial No. 440,203. My invention is designed to provide an improved structure and arrangement for bathroom equipment whereby the various requisites for complete bathroom service may be provided compactly and economically. In accordance with my improvements, a composite fixture is provided capable of utilization as a stall shower pan, as a regulatlon bathtub, and as a foot or infants bath provided with a seat or rest, and such fixture has a contour permitting the association therewith of a lavatory and toilet within a very small floor area. , In the preferred form of my improved fixl5 ture, the main chamber thereof is made substantially square in plan and is surrounded on three sides thereof with a wall of sufiicient height to serve as a bathtub but not enough to permit convenient ingress or egress at one 0 side thereof. At one end of the main chamber an extension chamber is provided of lesser width than the main chamber and housed by walls extending upwardly above the walls of the main chamber to form a support for an integral seat or shelf. The end wall of the extension chamber also forms a wall for a supplementary chamber preferably disposed above the level of the main chamber and adapted for use as an infants tub or foot bath to which access is facilitated by the provision of a step located in the re-entrant angle between the wall of the main chamber and the wallof the extension chamber. My improved fixture is preferably positioned in the corner of a room with a side wall of the main chamber, of the extension chamber and of the supplementary chamber flush with the room wall, and the end wall of the main chamber flush with a transverse room wall. The wall of the fixture exposed to the room forms a re-entrant angle at the juncture of the main chamber with the extension chamber. This recession of the exposed wall of the fixture permits free passage between it and the lavatory or other'fixture which is preferably positioned opposite to the recessed wall, as well as access to the closet or other fixture provided adjacent to the end of the fixture containing the supplementary chamber. When the main chamber is utilized as a shower pan, it is preferably surrounded by water deflecting means such as a curtain or folding glass leaves. The water is supplied to the main chamber by any usual arrange- 5.3 ment of faucets and shower sprinkler head. Faucets may also be suitably positioned for supplying water directly to the supplementary chamber, and the drainage from the fix ture is provided in any usual manner. to The characteristic features and advantages of my improvements will further appear from the following description and the accompanying drawings illustrating a bathroom equipped in accordance with my invention. In the drawings, Fig. 1 is a diagrammatic plan view of a bathroom equipped in accordance with my improvements; Fig. 2 is an enlarged plan view of my improved fixture Fig. 3 is a part sectional side elevation of my im proved fixture and associated parts; and Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view on the line 33 of Fig. 3. As illustrated in the drawings, the novel bathing fixture embodied inmy invention is 3 preferably cast or molded integrally of metal or clay to form a base or bottom 1 having the peripheral wall 2 projecting upwardly therefrom to a convenient height for ingress and egress. The exposed wall may be provided with a depending apron 3 and is retracted to form a re-entrant angle at the corner 4 where a step 5 may be provided. The base 1 and wall 2 form a substantially square chamber 6 which functions as a stall shower pan or receptacle and also is adapted for use as a tub section by the provision of the narrow exten-. sion chamber 7. The side walls 8 and end wall 9 of the extension chamber preferably project upwardly above the wall of the chamber 6 and form a support for the bridge 10 adapted for use as a seat or shelf adjacent to the supplementary chamber 11. The supplementary chamber 11 is formed by the upper portion of the wall 9, the extensions 8 and 8" of'the walls 8, the end wall 12 and the bottom 13. The walls 8 and 12 may be provided with depending aprons 14 and 15. When the fixture is made of cast iron, the exposed surfaces are preferably covered with vitreous enamel, or the interior surfaces may be covered by vitreous enamel and the exterior exposed surfaces covered by tile or other finishing material. A fixture so constructed may be advantageously assembled in a small bathroom with a toilet 16 adjacent to the end wall 15 and'with a lavatory 17 substantially opposite to the wall 8 and toilet 16. The indentation or recession of the wallsS, 8 fromutheline- 0f l the outer wall 2 of the main chamber 6 perinits the provision of a passage 18 of com fortable width between the lavatory and bathing fixture and affording access to a window 19. By the above arrangement of fixtures, unobstructed entrance to the bathrom may provided in the wall 20 thereof normal to the fixture of wall 8 and in the wall 21 oppositethe fixture wall 8. Preferably folding screens, such as hinged glass leaves 22 and 24 are hinged to a water repellant tile wall supported by studs 25 so that when the leaves are extended they align with and project slightly below the top of the outer wall 2 of the main chamber and the edge of the seat 10. Such extended leaves form, together withthetiled walls of the room, a stall shower to which spray is supplied from a suitable-fittingextended upward from the faucets 26,- which latter supply water to the main chamber of the tub The supplementary chamber 11 may be supplied with water from separate faucets such as 27. It will be understood that when the fixture is utilized as a shower, the folded glass leaves are extended and deflect the water sup? plied from a shower spray or needle sprays into the pan formedbytlie inainchamber 6. When the fixture is used asatub, for immersion by an adult, the glass leaves are preferably folded back against the room walls and the extension chamber provides the re-- quisite longitudinal space without forming an obstruction such as a continuation of the main chamber 6 would constitute. Vhen the fixture is used by an'adult as -a foot bath, access to the chamber 11 is facilitated by the step 5 and the bridge 10-may beused as a seat. When the supplementary chainberll is used as aninfants or cliilds bath, the bridge 10 may be used'as a table or rest. upon which to place the infant duringdryiirg. Having described my invention I claim 1. A bathroom fixture comprising a tub section having a body portion of-substantially equal length and width and having a foot extension at an end thereof of substantially less .widththan said body portion, the walls of said body portion and extension formingv a reentrant angle and a basin section contigu-. ous with said end extension and. containing a bowloifset from said foot extension-and disposed above the level of said body portion and projecting longitudinally beyond said tub section. 2. A bathroom fixture comprising a tub section having a body portion with a foot extension at one end thereof, said foot extension being of substantially less width than said body portion and having a wall, and a shower enclosure complementary to said projecting wall and separating said basin from said body portion projecting above said body portion, a, basin section having a side :thereof closed by said projecting wall. 3pA -.oatl'irooin fixture comprising a tub section having a bodyportion with a foot extension at an end thereof of substantially less width than said body portion, anda basin section connected witli'. said foetextension and projecting longitudinally beyond said tub and havinga shelf connectedtherewith' forming, a top cover for said foot extension. 5. A bathroom fixturecomprisinga tub sectionl avinga body portionwitli a foot extension at an end thereof of substantially less width than said body portion and a basin section contiguous with said foot extension-and disposed above tlie'level of said body section, and a bridge member spanningsaid foot ex tension and forming a shelf between said body portion andsaid basin section, the outer end of said tub section and the inner endof said basin section having a common wall. 6. A bathroom fixture comprising a tub 'sec-' anend thereof of less-width thantion liaving a body portion with a foot-ex-- tension at an end thereof of substantiallylesswidth than said body-portion,- said foot ex-- tension having an upwardly extendiiig end wall and a shelf extending from said wall over said foot extension substantially above the level of said body portion, said foot extension having a further (upwardlyextending wall .transverse to said end wall and parallel with a wall of said'tub sect-ion but recessed back herefrom; and a contiguous basin section onthe opposite side of said end wall flOlIl SillLl tnb section and having a bowl wall'formed by said end wall,*said basin section projecting longitudinally beyond said body portion. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this-28th day of March,"1930. JOSEPH ERLE DRUCKENMILLER.



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