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Aug. 18, 1931. F. MAISTO COMBINATION POCKET SMOKERS ACCESSORY Filed Feb. 23, 1928 Lou/s F Nmara INVENTOR ATTORNEY Patented. Aug. 18, 1931 UNITED STATES PATENT oFmcE LOUIS F. MAISTO, OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, ASSIGNOR OF ONE-HALF TO COLOMBO MAISTO, OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK COMBINATION POCKET SMOKERS ACCESSORY Application filed February 23, 1928. Serial No. 256,141. O This inventlon relates to smokers acces sorles and more particularly is directed to a combination pocket cigarette or clgar case, lighter and humidifier of improved construc-. tion. Among the objects of the invention is to provide an improved combination pocket smokers accessory of the character described of novel construction comprising few and simple parts forming a neat, compact structure, which can be conveniently carried about the person, which shall be relatively inexpensive to manufacture, easy and handy to operate, and practical and efficient to a high degree in use. Other objects of this invention will in part be obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out. The invention accordingly consists in the features of construction, combinations of elements and arrangement of parts which will be exemplified in the constructions hereinafter described and of which the scope of application will be indicated in the following claim. r In the accompanying drawings, in which is shown various possible illustrative embodiments of this invention, Fig. 1 is a section View in side elevation of a combination smokers pocket accessory, em- bodying the invention showing the interior construction. Figs. 2 and 3 are views taken on lines 2-2 and 33, respectively, in Fig. 1 showing the casing in cross-section and exposing the interior construction. Fig. 4 is a side elevational View of the exterior of the improved accessory shown in open position. Fig. 5 is a sectional view in side elevation of a modified construction of smokers pocket accessory, partly broken away to expose the interior construction, and Fig. a cross-sectional view taken on lines 6-6; in Fig. 5. v Referring in detail to the drawings, 10' denotes a smokers pocket accessory forming a combination cigarette case, lighter and humidifier embodying the invention. As seen from Figs. 1 to 4 inclusive, said accessory comprises a casing formed of suitable material such as sheet metal or the like having a plain or ornamented surface finish and preferably forming a fiat structure of rectangular or oval cross-section so as to be conveniently carried in a pocket ofwearing apparel or in a hand bag. Said casing consists of a receptacle 11 for holding a supply of cigarettes 12, said receptacle having a top opening 11a and a cover 13 mounted on a rim 11b of said opening to completely enclose the cigarettesin the receptacle. The cover 13 may be demountably secured or attached to the receptacle 11 in any well understood-manner, as for example, pivoting the cover to the receptacle, by means of a hinge connection 14 on a narrow or back side of the casing at the rim 11b of said opening 11a. The portion of the rib 116 on the narrow or front side of the receptacle opposite the hinge connection 14 has secured thereto a spring latch 15 for releasably engaging 1 111311 the cover 13 for retaining the latter s ut. Said latch 15 may be of the flat sprin type having one end thereof anchored to t e re ceptacle 11 by soldering or riveting as at 15a, and provided with a pushbutton 15?) extending from a mid-portion of the latch through the'wall of the receptacle. The latch 15 terminates in a hook end or teat 150 which extends beyond the level of the rim opening of the receptacle and engages in a notch 13a formed in the cover 13. To spring the cover 13 open when the latch 15 is released on pressing the button 156, there is provided a fiat spring member 16, having one end suitably anchored as at 16a to the receptacle portion 14a of the hinge connection 14, the free end of the member 16 being positioned to press against the cover portion 14b of said hinge connection as is clearly shown'in F ig. 1. Removably fitted to extend along the closedhandle 19 is secured to one end of the humidifier. Said handle extends along the interior of the narrow or front side of the receptacle adjacent the latchl5 and terminates in a finger grip end 19a to facilitate the removal of the humidifier and to serve as means for tilting the latter to eject the cigarettes 12 from the receptacles, as shown in dotted lines in Fig. 4. The lighter20 of the accessory 10 is entirely housed in the cover 13 and is preferably made a permanent part thereof as seen from 9 Figs. 1 and 3. Said lighter 20 may comprise a liquid fuel tank 21 which occupies the mid-portion of the c0\ .1 and contains a suitable dispensing absorbent 22 including a wick 22a to avoid spillage of the liquid fuel. A burner 23 for the lightin end 226 of the wick extends into the tank t rough an upper wall portion 21a. Said burner is positioned a between a filler cap 25 for the tank and a friction ignition means 24. The filler cap 25 may be demountably secured on a nipple inlet 21b for the tank by a screw thread connection 26, and a gasket 27 v is interposed between said-cap and the portion of the tank surrounding said nipple inlet to assure a vapor tight joint. The portion of the interior thread 25a of the cap above the nipple inlet 21b engages with the threaded. head 28 of a screw driving means, the pur ose of which will hereinafter be described. lhe shank 28a of said means extends axially through the cap beyond the lower rim thereof and terminates in blade 28b adapted to engage in the slotted head of standard screws. aid threaded head 28 seats against a shoulder 256 formed in the ca a spaced distance down from the top close end 250 thereof so that a chamber 29 is rovided between the head 28 and the cap en 25a for storing spare replaceable arts of the device such as flints. V The shell 0 the ca is preferably made. of transparent materia or top end 250 thereof constructed with a window 30 to permit seethe contents of the chamber. e ignition means 24 may comprise a friction wheel 24a pivotall mounted to rotate between spaced lugs 24; of a bearin member 240, said lugs upstanding from t e level of the upper tank wall portion 21a, the bearing member 240 is fixedly secured to the end wall 210 of the tank and has a central assage 24d extending therethrough for guiding a flint 31 to the abrasive peripheral surface 24a of the wheel 24a. A coil compression spring 32 provides a constant pressure of the flint 31 against the wheel 24a and a screw 33 threaded The cover 13 is formed with a removable portion or lid 13a which may be hinged as at 13?), said lid when swun open ives free access to the lighter as is c earl s own in Fig. 4. A snufi'er 34 for extinguis ing the lighted wick end of the burner is mounted to move with the lid and is effective to smother the light on closing the latter. A suitable resilient gasket 35 may be provided at the abutting end of the snuffer to form a vapor proof seal for the end of the burner to prevent evaporation of the liquid fuel when the lighter is not in use. For swin ing the lid open any suitable means may e provided such as a coil spring 130 incorporated in the hin e structure 136. To retain the lid closed t ere is a spring catch 36 comprising a fla spring member fastened to the wall of the cover 13 below the level of the upper wall portion 21a of the tank and under an extension partition 37 the latter forming tight closure to prevent fumes or vapors passing from the lighter into the receptacle and impairing the flavor of the cigarettes. The free end of said catch 36 has a hook 36a for releasably engaging with a lip 13d formed from the wall of the cover 13 and also terminates with an outwardly projecting finger piece 36?) extending through the wall of the casing to the exterior side for receiving pressure to disengage the catch 36 for opening the lid. A partitioning sheet 38 is fixedly secured to extend along the bottom side of the tank and igniter and serves as a base for the lighter, said base being fastened to the cover 13 in any suitable manner, as by soldering. In using the improved smokers accessory 10, the parts are assembled as shown in the drawings, the tank is filled with a highly volatilizable liquid fuel, the humidifier moistened in water and the cigarettes 12 placed in the receptacle. When closed said accessory is neat appearing and compact, being flat shaped it may be conveniently carried in a vest or coat pocket, or in a hand bag. A cigarette 12 may be removed from the device 10 and lighted by merely opening the cover 13 and the lid 13a and o erating the wheel of the igniter in the wel understood manner. The humidifier keeps the cigarettes in the receptacle in prime condition and aids in ejecting them should they become wedged or packed. For adjusting the flint 31 to the wheel 24a, the tank cap 25 may be removed with the screw driving means as a unit and the blade 28b engaged in the slotted end of the screw 33 the improved accessory is shown. Here the accessory is similar in all respects with the accessory 10 described above with the exception that the tank 121 is formed integral with the cover 113 of the receptacle 111 and the humidifier 118 is permanently secured to extend along the bottom side of the tank 121a over the cigarettes instead of being removably positioned at the bottom case as in the accessory 10 described above. . It will thus be seen that there is provided a, device in which the several objects of this invention are achieved and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use. As various possible embodiments might be made of the above invention, and as various changes might be made in the embodiments above set forth, it is to'be understood that all matter herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawings is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense. Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent: A smokers pocket accessory of the char acter described comprising a case having a bottom closure and an opening opposite said closure, a humidifier demountably positioned in said case against said closure and a spring member extending from said humidifier along an inner wall of the case to said opening to retain the humidifier in position and to facilitate the removal thereof. In testimony whereof. I affix my signature. LOUIS F. MAISTO.



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