Improvement in lamp-shades

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  • Publication Date: September 26, 1876
  • Publication Number: US-182563-A



R. R. causa?. l LAMP-SEMES. l No.182,'56:3.` Patented' sept. 26,1876. N4 PETERS, PHOTQLITHOGRAPNEA wASHlNGTON. D. C4 UNITED STATES APATENT OFFICEm ROBERT R. CROSBY, OF BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. IMPROVEMENT IN LAMP-SHADES. Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 182,563, dated September 26, 1876; application led March 20, 1876. To all whom et may concern: Be it known that I, ROBERT R. CROSBY, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and usevful Improvement in Glass or EarthenWa-re Shades for Application to Lamp-Chimneys; and I do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following specification and represented in the accompanying drawings, of Which- Figure 1 is a top view, Fig. 2 a side elevation, and Fig. 3 a transverse section, ot'a shade provided with my improvement. This shade is intended to encompass and rest on the outer surface of a lamp-chimney, and to touch it, in a series of points only, with conduits or passages between them for the air to pass in currents between the chimney and shade, in order to keep the shade cool and prevent it from being cracked by the heat of the chimney. In the drawings, A denotes the shade ot' ground77 or frosted77 glass, porcelain, or earthenware, it being a conic frustuln in its general form. It has at its upper edge a series of corrugations or flutes, a a, a, springing der or by the heat of the chimney, greatly strengthen the shade at its upper part. I claim- 1. As a new manufacture, an earthenware `or glass conical lamp-shade, having its upper edge or part corrugated or uted, substantially as and for the purpose specified. 2. In a lamp-shade, the corrugations ,or liutes a, and base and cap flanges b c, arranged therewith, all substantially as described. ROBERT R. CROSBY. Witnesses R. H. EDDY, J. R. SNOW.



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